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Wang, Jinhai
Third Division, Third Seat


Personnel File
Birthday: July 23rd
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Chinese

Physical Specifications
Height and Weight:
5’9’’ | 179cm & 165lbs | 75kg
Hair & Eyes: Flat black hair of medium length, usually disheveled and unkempt. Sharp and vivid, almost wolfish, magenta eyes that starkly contrast against the surrounding pale skin and curtain of black that frames them.
Reiatsu: A sea of golden waves emanate off of Jinhai as he exudes his reiatsu. Tempestuous and hungry it rapidly expands outwards, engulfing and eventually casting all others to its depths.
General Appearance: Lightweight, thin muscle plates decorate the Shinigami's torso while noticeably more toned muscle encompasses his arms and legs. Taut cords of sinew marry muscle to bone, providing the ample sway and spring necessary for a seafaring body; designed to move with a rocking ship even in the roughest waters, while still capable of performing vigorous physical labor over long periods of time. This package is quite neatly wrapped in a light, creamy peach-toned skin.

The general structure of his body aside, Jin’s face bears more of a resemblance to a predator rather than prey with marginally deeper set hawkish eyes overcast with heavily curtained lids and a slightly upturned nose.

As strictly adherent to the laws of the Gotei as he is, it should come as no surprise that he's equally obedient to its dress code. His shihakushō has remained unmodified for over three centuries and has survived through daily pressings to the point of leaving perfect creases down the arms and legs. His posture is, perhaps, the single most identifying trait of his obedience and loyalty. When not in motion he could easily be mistaken as a statue with his high held head, straight lined shoulders and feet that are never more than shoulders width apart. This stance, coupled with his bird of prey like features, gives him a menacing yet supremely confident air that pervades the senses.

When in motion, however, a change of drastic nature surfaces. Above the waist very little changes, his torso maintaining its tough and rigid appearance. Below the waist, however, is where this visage of an immaculate soldier falls apart. In heart and mind, Jin is still at sea where the ship lulls to and fro, requiring a different series of muscles and motions to stay upright. On steady, static terrain he lumbers about in a sort of rolling gait, his legs and hips in discord with an ocean trained brain. This gives onlookers the impression that he's quite clumsy and uncoordinated.

Psychological Profile
At the core of all things, Jin is a conservative; believing that the Gotei must return to its roots as a strong military force where politics fall beneath the larger, grander scheme of things. The seed of his animosity, sown when he was just a child, for the Gotei's current state has only rooted deeper into his being and now threatens to sprout into full blown hatred. Politics are the road to ruin, and in his mind the Gotei is on this very road.

Knowing this to be the case, Jin believes he’s been served a cold and stark reality check he’s forced to swallow. Does he stand by, allowing the Gotei to continue its downwards spiral while he rots in the Third, or does he attempt to subvert the death of a, both literal and metaphorical, titan? Born to soldiers, raised as a soldier and having lived the life of a soldier has undoubtedly stripped him of any choice in the matter. The Gotei must be saved.

Having returned to Soul Society has only breathed fact into Jins predominant worry; his way of thinking is old-fashioned, or quite possibly even radical. This single-minded dedication towards an oft times impossible task has rapidly earned him infamy among many of the more politically powerful Shinigami, crafting for him the appearance of an extremist needing to be uprooted before his principles and ideals have a chance to take root in the youths. Naturally he's received innumerable threats of imprisonment or death, all of which have served only to deepen Jins conviction, churning its unseen depths into an, even more, turbulent storm yet to break.

Jinhai's loyalty for the Gotei can swiftly turn volatile at a moment's notice, particularly when he witnesses actions that are detrimental to the true Gotei. Under such circumstances Jin acts righteously, delivering finality to those dissidents that dare disgrace the Gotei.

Of all the things that have his attention, there's nothing that haunts his churning mind more than the Gotei itself. It isn't the stones that make up its foundation, however, nor the soldiers marching its streets that leave him lying awake at night. No, it's the idea the incredible militant powerhouse was built upon. He knows, without a shred of doubt, the Gotei in which he's been forced to preside within is but a gaunt skeleton in comparison to the titan it once was.

His might is put fully and selflessly into preserving the forgotten principles of a militant Gotei, exceeding even his own sense of self-preservation. His mind and body are the tools from which the Gotei's bricks will be chiseled. His life the mortar in which the Gotei's stone will be set within, along with the lives of every other Shinigami caught prancing about in the esteemed shihakushō.

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Relevant Background
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