[Application] Umebayashi, Michio

Hey guys. So I came across this site a bit late, but it seems like something I’d enjoy participating in. I am Cinder in Discord.

Here is a quick rundown of Eiji, who I’m looking to be the 4th Seat of the 5th Division.

A man of difficult upbringing, he has adjusted well to military life. Although the beginning years of his enlistment were difficult due to his general lack of martial prowess, the values of hard work and perseverance instilled into him by his father helped him to overcome. He didn’t excel at any of the Shinigami arts during his time at the Academy, earning above average marks across the board. This slow start was due to his lack of experience coupled with his desire to split his time evenly among all subjects in an attempt to avoid seeming “weak” in any particular aspect

And seeming “weak” is the one thing he just can’t stand. This is in part due to his upbringing, where his family had fallen to obscurity and also because he’s scared of the idea that he, and in extension his family, truly are nothing.

He is a generally cordial and well mannered, with a propensity to be slow to anger, unless he is mocked. He tends to listen more than he speaks, but he’s not afraid to say what is on his mind, though he does so with as much tact as possible. Unless it’s a woman, then he doesn’t really care for what they have to say. He also isn’t argumentative, not caring to waste his time on those who think differently.

It’s not that he hates women, but rather that he doesn’t think they’re well suited for military life. He holds a distrust for them that was seeded into him during his childhood. He wouldn’t trust his life to a woman. He does enjoy their company to satisfy his needs, though.

When it comes to work, he tends to do it swiftly and with as much efficiency as possible. He sees work as a sequence of obligations he must complete before he can spend his time on his interests. He’s also not a fan of fighting per se, as he gets satisfaction from the idea of “winning” rather than the kill itself. In that regard, he tends to avoid fights out of a fear of “losing” and therefore being perceived as weak. He won’t engage unless forced to, or if he’s at an acceptable advantage.

He makes friends easily, and he tends to become the “glue” when it comes to groups. He isn’t one to stir the pot and has a keen eye for reading the room.

His purpose for joining the Gotei 13 is to regain the respect for his family name, whatever the cost. To him, the Gotei 13 is an important institution, but it’s rules and customs are to be bent or broken in pursuit of his goal. To this effect, he holds a distaste for the Noble families because he believes that their actions led to his family’s demise. A secondary but correlated goal is the acquisition of power both from a strength and political perspective. A bit of a catch 22, as his aversion for conflict can get in the way.

His Zanpakuto takes this conflict aversion to the next level, giving Eiji the opportunity to “hide” from his fears. At its core, his Zanpakuto is an illusion-type that in Shikai, allows anything within its Reiatsu to “disappear”, at least that’s what he likes to call it. In reality, the Shikai allows Eiji to become “invisible” to all senses except the spiritual, and he can extend this to any object (living or not). The catch to this illusion is that any action of moderate effort where Eiji attempts to interact with the world, forces him out of it. This means he can’t stay invisible in combat. Additionally, objects can’t be forced into stealth, so the act can be easily defied by an unwilling person. If someone is proficient enough with spiritual sensing, they will be able to “see” past the illusion to know where Eiji and others are hidden. This illusion does not make whatever is “hidden” invulnerable, so they can be harmed. He has historically used this power in operations ranging from covert ops, scouting, and security. As such, he has worked closely with other Divisions such as the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 9th.

With the onset of the Black Plague, this power of his has relegated him into a search and rescue role. He’s been rescuing imperiled Shinigami ever since.

Some notes from his backstory:

Was born into lesser nobility, but his house had lost much of its influence within Seireitei during the previous century. His upbringing was tumultuous, as his family’s deteriorating economic and political status came to a head. His parents’ relationship had become a reflection of their downtrodden namesake, with fights common and frequent. He watched his mother ruin his father. All he wanted to do was disappear.

Mother hates his father and emasculates him. She leaves them. He grows a distaste for disrespectful women.

Raised by his father in Rukongai. He opens a business selling tea. He’s instilled to bring respect back to their name. Father gets ill and this is a tough time for him. This is where he manifested his Zanpakutō. He Promises he’ll honor him by regaining prestige.

Looking to avoid his father’s mistakes, he sets out to fulfill his promise through the acquisition of physical and spiritual power. In his eyes, might makes right: those who rule, do so by using their own strength.
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