4th Division, Medical Wing, Low Priority Ward

It never ceases to amaze me, Koahru thought as she strolled down the empty hallway, what can change in the span of a few days. Just two days ago, the Seireitei had been a relatively peaceful place for those who wore the shihakusho, a haven of stability and strength in turbulent times. There were tremors on the edges, murmurings of discontent and disdain over various things from the implementation of the Asauchi to the “radical” new philosophies spreading in the Rukon, but none of that had managed to spread into the Seireitei proper. But then a horde of Hollows had descended on Shino Academy and shattered the illusion of stability by massacring every last soul in sight.

Well, almost. Three had reportedly survived: Nobuko Tachibana, Third Seat of the Tenth; Hazuki Tsukimiya, Fifth Seat of the First; and Hildr Kawasaki, the only student to survive the massacre. Both Tachibana and Tsukimiya were too well insulated by their position (or their parents) for her to approach them in any informal capacity, but Kawasaki had yet to officially graduate. It was a formality at this point, but one she could and would use, so long as it got her what she wanted. And if she happened to help the girl out, even if only a little… it would be worth it.

Koharu stopped in the middle of the hall, her sky blue gaze lingering on the number beside the door as she adjusted her Zanpakuto. Ever since her near-disastrous meeting with Fourth Seat Hidekawa, she had taken to wearing them with her everywhere, even in supposedly safe places like this. She had changed a great many things, now that she knew what to aim for. What needed to be done, regardless of the cost. Whatever it takes.

A knock, firm and polite, echoed through the sliding paper door and, after a moment, Koharu opened it, stepping into the small room the Fourth allowed Hildr to use as her own. It wasn’t much, but given what had happened to the Academy it was the best the girl was going to get for a long time to come.

“Hello Kawasaki-san.” She said, closing the door behind her with a soft thunk. “How are you?”