[Application] Nakatomi, Kaname

Miyazaki Mori always had the expectations of life on his shoulders, a burden like no other that dragged a young teenage boy down a dark and lonely path. Self-isolation crippled a young adult who lacked social grace, instead, his head was but buried within the depths of encyclopedias.

A pit of despair swallowed him like no other, the isolation became too much the constant threats of abandonment by pushy parents who exploited their child for gains. It was just all too much and it would be amazing that he survived a total of eighteen years before taking his own life one cold, cruel night.

His failure? Entrance exams, you’d think that falling within the top percentile was good, something to be proud of? But his father beat him still for he did not acquire the scholarship needed for a free ride, it was but the straw that broke the camels back and no longer did the Miyazaki family have their eldest and only son.

Those that knew called him a coward, weak-willed, and someone who gave up too much. The scars etched into his pale skin spoke volumes to the coroner and a thorough investigation was launched. His spirit wailing within misery as he saw his parent’s life destroyed, it was his fault that’s what the plus told himself and as he did he gnawed at the chains that anchored his spiritual form.

You could call it a saving grace that the Shinigami found him before it was too late. If Mori knew what had transpired he would call them angels but the konsō not only saved him but lead the stray soul down a rabbit hole that only held eternal servitude.

He awoke with memories gone, elder women greeting him accompanied by the warmth of an irori. He was confused, lost, sad, any emotion you could describe one’s angst with is what Mori felt...Well, that’s what I’d like to tell you but he awoke fine. The women called him her son, she called him Nakatomi Kaname.

Perhaps it was some form of Stockholm syndrome that never lead him to explore the feelings of unease that seeped into his soul. He was happy even though ‘Kaname’ felt like he was missing a part of himself, ignorance is bliss after all. Or better yet in this case, why fix something that wasn't broken? He believed he was fine...How wrong he was.

He spent years within Rukongai, time melded together so if you were to ask Kaname he couldn’t answer, though his new life was one that wasn’t only earnest, but rewarding. He looked after the women he called mother, they held a special connection that was missing back in his real life. It was as if the burdens of the universe were but finally lifted and a chance as some form of normality was given--even if that were in the afterlife.

He was found one day by patrolling Shinigami, he could not remember their division nor names. It was irrelevant because what they found and reported to what Nakatomi Kaname believed to perceive was vastly different. He was taken into custody, considered a danger due to his unique and vast reiatsu that constantly spilled from him.

He was extremely malnourished, he rarely ate, bone almost poking through the skin. His eyes were heavy, devoid of all life and yet he smiled. He spoke to himself, he called the wall his mother, he held any object he could hold his safe haven and it was clear he was delirious, his power was not only affecting the world around him but Kaname itself.

It would be a waste to lose someone with so much potential so he was given to the fourth division and tasked to ‘fix’ him. Though could one fix someone so unhinged?

It eventually happened, the unorthodox speech stopped, he started to appear healthy and could hold a conversation and realize where he was, who he was and why he was there. Though he refused to acknowledge any semblance of a real name, sheltering the past deep within the pits of his subconscious and with a large amount of supervision he was granted entrance into the Shin’ō Academy in which he surprisingly excelled as a generalist (jack of all trades master at none), though the social hierarchy of Soul Society was one that could not comprehend and troubled followed as he was different.

Though his reiatsu for someone of his experience was powerful he still had yet developed a zanpakutō spirit or so they thought. They had locked it away by keeping him doped up, the elderly women she was his other half that guided his soul and it would take a vast amount of time for anyone to realize it and though Kaname was but the first, no one did believe him until he deliberately stopped taking medication and proved his theory.

A conundrum occurred, do they let someone potentially become unstable yet hold a power that could help shape Soul Society into normality? Or do they lock the power behind a wall of medication? The higher-ups took a chance, assigned him to the first division though it was only as a low-ranking seated postion. Kaname would be under the direct watch of his squadmates, he was not allowed to be let out of sight, the Captain-Commander made sure everyone understood this.
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Shin'o Academy
I'll be honest: there's a lot going on here and I'm not too sure I understand this character, their motives, and how they fit into the setting. Some questions that come to mind:
  • Is the woman who raised him in the Rukongai his spirit? If so, does that mean he manifested his Zanpakutou literally the moment he appeared in the Rukongai?
  • If the above is also true, why is he so disconnected from the real world that he can't tell that the woman is his spirit?
  • What exactly is so special about his Reiatsu and why did it take so long for the Seireitei to notice? If it's truly as massive and dangerous as you mentioned, it would have been noticed and dealt with immediately.
  • Why is his Reiatsu so dangerous? What about it makes him as a person dangerous? Similarly, how was he "fixed"?
Those are just questions about the provided history. I don't feel like I know enough about the actual character to dig into that right now, but I would encourage you to think about who this guy is as a person rather than the events that shaped him.

If I walked up to Kaname, how would he respond? Is he a good guy? A shady person? How does he feel about his place in the Seireitei? These are just a few questions that will help us understand where he belongs in the greater story.