[Application] Cross, Ophelian

8th Division, Fourth Seat


Personnel File
Birthday: 1204, Feb 2nd.
Gender: Non-Binary [ Any Pronouns ]
Ethnicity: European

Physical Specifications
Height and Weight:
Eyes: Pinkish Lavender
Hair: Silver-Grey
General Appearance: In their role as a Shinigami, Ophelian dons a black uniform that accentuates their unique style. They confidently embrace asymmetry, opting for one black thigh-high stocking while the other leg is adorned with a striking white counterpart. This deliberate contrast adds a touch of rebellious individuality to their ensemble, though it is often hidden below the thick layer of hakama.

They have silver-gray hair with long waves, curling slightly at the end. Often fastened up in a black ribbon. Silvery strands frame their face, highlighting their hauntingly light lavender-pink eyes with long lashes. Often they look studious or disinterested, their face pulled into a thoughtful frown. A slim frame that belies the power in it and a short stature makes Ophelian easy to dismiss. Something they are content with.

Psychological Profile
On the surface, Ophelian projects an aura of calmness and serenity, concealing a turbulent inner world driven by the many dichotomies in their life. This internal conflict reflects the struggle between their desire to save people's lives and their past role as an agent of death. Ophelian grapples with a confusing but innate sense of duty to tend to the souls they encounter, which conflicts with their sense of righteous fury to strike down the wicked.

This internal struggle is likely fueled by a deep-seated disillusionment with the failings of organized religion. Though they don't remember their former life, snatches of memory cause them to question the nature of redemption. Even as an assassin, always their heart tugs to provide the worst sinner with a second chance--a compulsion that Ophelian does their best to ignore for her own safety and the safety of others. Hollows should meet a swift end--they will find their redemption in the next life, if they can. This Ophelian repeats as a hymn.

Zanpakutō File
Zanpakutō Spirit:
Father Gideon Huxley is an older man with short, neatly groomed hair and a smug demeanor. He masquerades as a pious priest, hiding his true nature behind a façade of religious devotion. Adorned with intricate tattoos that peek out from beneath his clerical garments, Gideon's appearance hints at a hidden past and a connection to the mystical, adding an enigmatic touch to his deceptive persona. Ophelian hates how he desecrates the robes he wears: he knows well the effect his affectation has on his wielder. She knows that he is not the pious man he claims to be, but he offers the idea of penance she desires.

Inner World The interior of a large cathedral stands grand and imposing, its towering structure reaching towards the heavens. Stained glass windows adorn its walls. The absence of pews within the vast expanse creates an eerie atmosphere, amplifying the cathedral's slightly ominous allure. Rays of sunlight pierce through the colored glass, casting ethereal beams that illuminate the space with an otherworldly glow, revealing the intricate details of the architecture and the delicate artwork adorning the walls. It is hauntingly beautiful, so large and empty even whispers echo. Time seems to be an afterthought in this cathedral, as the light streaks rapidly across the floor, transitioning from day to night and back again.

Sealed Zanpakutō The simple katana gleams with a polished steel blade, its sharp edge honed to perfection. Adorning the hilt, a gold cross finger guard adds a touch of divine symbolism, a sacred emblem nestled against the wielder's fingers. The contrast between the sleek simplicity of the katana and the ornate cross creates a harmonious fusion of grace and spirituality, infusing the blade with a sense of reverence and purpose.

Shikai Appearance
"Confess, Gideon!"

Ophelian's Zanpakutō changes its shape into that of a European claymore. The blade is strong, much thicker than its katana form, and honed to a wide, brutal edge. A cross shape has been cut directly through the fuller: when Ophelian wets the blade, blood drips through. The hilt of the blade is metal twined with gold, and two strong bars form a "V" for a crossguard.

Shikai Abilities: When facing an opponent with their Shikai active, their mere presence elicits a weight upon their soul, a palpable heaviness that intensifies with every moment of resistance. It is a burden that can only be alleviated through a confession of a serious sin, a sincere admission of guilt that pierces the depths of their being. As their opponents grapple with the unbearable weight pressing upon their very essence, they are presented with a choice: to confront the darkness that lingers within their souls, or succumb to the ever-increasing burden that threatens to shatter their resolve.

Documented History

Sent to the clergy at a young age, Ophelian lived most of their life in the clergy, working to better the world and the lives of people around them. However, over time they became disillusioned with the effectiveness of prayer for some of the people who came to the church. Often they would see the same people return to confess the same, or worse, sins and after repenting they would leave without changing. Some even without the intent to change. Combined with an internal battle over who ‘they’ believed herself to be, this pattern began to give them a misanthropic view of those who confessed. Eventually, they decided to take things into their own hands. They began to slip poison into the drinks of those they believed would never change: those sinners were a blight on this world, Ophelian believed, and might have killed many of those unrepentant humans if they hadn't been caught with poison by one of their targets, and slain on the spot.

Relevant Background
Ophelian's journey through the Academy was marked by their exceptional combat skills, their dislike for the Academy robes and a deep-rooted inclination towards violence as a solution. Their unwavering determination to cleanse the world led to their assignment to the 2nd division, where their combat prowess could be utilized.

Ophelian made a name for themselves fighting on Earth, vanquishing Hollows with drive and venom. However, some minimally perceptive monks caught glimpses of a battle that nearly ended her life, and imagined her an angel or a saint. Ophelian found themselves transferred to the Eighth Division to give them time to heal and to allow the small sect to wither away without further sightings.

Now in the Eighth division, Ophelian is tasked with a new role where their impact can be controlled and their actions scrutinized. Placed in an environment that demands restraint and careful navigation, they must adjust their approach and find balance between their zealous nature and the responsibilities thrust upon them. The shift to a lower-profile division presents both an opportunity for reflection and a challenge to temper their violent inclinations while fulfilling their duty as a Shinigami.
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