[Application] Akiyama, Akito

Akiyama Akito 秋山秋翔
4th Seat 4th Division

Personnel File
Birthday: April
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: European

Physical Specifications
Height and Weight:
188 cm and 85 kg
Eyes: Blue grey
Hair: White
General Appearance:
Tall with fair skin and enigmatic eyes Akito could be handsome if it wasn’t for his somber look and ramshackle appearance. Seemingly exhausted by everyone and everything his perpetual state of disrepair is reflected in his unkempt hair, often covering one eye or another, the rings beneath his eyes, pale lips and a slight slouch when walking. Moving slowly, but deliberately, and blessed with excellent tactile sensitivity Akito is an expert when it comes to acupressure and acupuncture.

Unfortunately, the state of his uniform does little to alleviate his shortcomings with an obi that is rarely properly adjusted and a kosode that could stand being tied more tightly (and tidily). With an arm tucked into the opening and a dark kimono with floral patterns over his uniform the untrained eye could mistake him for a melancholic poet, when he is actually just trying to work as little as possible.

Akito’s Reiatsu feels calm and soozing, like a compassionate stranger that invites you to share a cup and moment. Grey in color, somewhere between smoke and fog, it appears to drift away, carried by a most whimsical wind.

Distinguishing features:
  • Smells like a mix of tobacco and bitter tea leaves
  • Floral kimonos atop his uniform
  • A scar in his left palm

Psychological Profile
As a son to the Akiyama, Akito is technically speaking a noble and capable of impeccable manners, usually displayed when around the echelon of the Gotei or other noble houses in order to avoid standing out or being reprimanded. At all other times he is the member of the group project you are least excited about as he does not know what it means to go beyond the call of duty, is lazy and unpunctual. Lackadaisical to a fault and aware of his shortcomings Akito prefers an easy going pace, often trying to deflect and delegate tasks, only stepping up when it absolutely has to be him.

Inclined to the Wabi-sabi approach of finding beauty in imperfections Akito enjoys sitting on the veranda overlooking the garden and pond, smoking while drinking bitter tea and eating sweet mochi.

When it comes to work few take umbrage with his skills, all leave feeling healthier, better, balanced. It is his attitude though that causes much annoyance, heavy sighs and rolling eyes. As a medical professional he is prone to lecturing people in a mildly condescending tone, and spurning him into action seems nigh impossible at times. Fortunately (?) a few people have figured out how susceptible Akito is to being bribed or sweet-talked.

Neither a born killer nor someone who trained to enjoy it Akito seeks to end engagements quickly and decisively. Unlike many of his colleagues in the Fourth he does not rely on kidou, but good old close quarter combat.

When it comes to the dire circumstances all of Soul Society finds itself in, Akito prefers not to think about it for fear that the stress will give him stomach aches. He sticks to hoping that one of the competent men and women around him is going to step up sooner or later and tell him what to do so that things can go back to normal.

Zanpakutō File
Zanpakutō Spirit:
Soraumi 空海, Heavenly Ocean
Soraumi, the embodiment of celestial harmony, stands tall at almost two meters, radiating an aura of tranquility and cosmic power. Her hair cascades in shimmering silver, interwoven with streaks of deep sapphire blue. Her Delphic eyes are pools of black adorned with silver, capturing the mysteries and wonders of the vast ocean and the boundless universe alike. Serenity and gentleness define her features, imbuing her with a motherly aura that is echoed in her deliberate, unhurried movements and the soothing cadence of her voice.

She drapes herself in a loosely bound kimono in shades of oceanic blues. The fabric is embroidered with silver threads forming intricate constellations, tracing celestial patterns across the cloth, symbolizing the harmonious fusion of water and cosmos. Unbeknownst to Akito, a striking tattoo of a stylized Taijitu graces Soraumi's back, an eternal emblem of the dance between yin and yang, further reflecting her role as a guardian of balance.

Soraumi treats Akito with a blend of indulgence and nurturing, occasionally assuming the role of a concerned parent by offering gentle reprimands and guidance. Not entirely sure how he feels about that, Akito accepts that they know fairly little about one another at this point and counts his blessings. It could have been worse.

Inner World
Akito’s Inner World takes the shape of a seemingly endless ocean amidst of which stands a single red Torii gate. The water is calm and clear, soothingly cool to the touch, but the pitch black that emanates from below is deeply unsettling, so Akito prefers to keep his eyes on the sky - a much more rewarding view with thousands, millions of stars illuminating the night.

Sealed Zanpakutō
Soraumi takes the shape of a tantou and is more akin to a dagger than a sword. The saya is black lacquered wood, the tsuka blue silk wrapped over black leather, and the tsuba a metallic octagon reminiscent of a taoist bagua trigram. The menuki and kashira both take the shape of stylized stars.

Where a katana and a wakizashi are predominantly made for slashing, a tantou is intended for stabbing. Fitting for a man with Akito’s skillset.

Shikai Appearance
"海の円環, Soraumi no Enkan, Interplay of Ocean and Sky"

Shikai Abilities:
Soraumi allows Akito to perceive the fine network of meridians, existent in all beings, that channel energy through the body, enabling him to diagnose what malady ails someone and inject his own energy to promote healing or harm.
  1. A successful attack heals or worsens a wound by up to two degrees depending on the amount of Stamina expended.
  2. Treat his Reiatsu Perception as one rank higher during checks.
Bankai Appearance
"空海の無限 Soraumi no Mugen, Infinity of Ocean and Sky "

Bankai Abilities: /

Documented History

Born as the middle child of three and brother to two high performing sisters Akito resigned himself to a life of mediocrity and adequacy. Never standing out whether he really did or did not try, he learned that only extremes would garner him attention. And he did not care for the negative kind. Unwilling to expend the effort required to reach the heights but too prideful to embrace the lows he instead did “just fine” and pursued enjoyable pastimes, such as learning to make tea from his grandmother, or smoking from his grandfather. Perhaps somewhat spoiled as the grandchild the parents didn’t look at enough, it was then that Akito also developed a fondness for sweets.

When it became time for the children to pursue proper careers his parents were initially unwilling to send either of them to the Shinigami academy. Akiko and Akie, Akito’s older and younger sister respectively, were regarded too highly to risk. For the first, and only time, in his life, Akito stepped forward and volunteered for what he was about to be chosen by virtue of everyone else stepping back anyways.

Relevant Background
Adhering to his epicurean maxim Akito did well enough for himself and when it became time to distinguish himself for further placement he was all but sure to land in the Seventh. It would have suited him well enough, easy-going as he was, he tended to get along well with his peers, the division was also well regarded - unlike the Tenth, for example. One of his instructors, however, must have mistakenly sensed potential in him and enrolled Akiyama in further medical classes leading to his growing prowess in the arts of healing.

Life in the Fourth was good, excellent even for a few days. Decidedly not a careerist, and perhaps even due to belonging to a minor noble lineage, Akito spent his initial time serving as doctor stitching, binding, poking, needling and all around patching people up with very few trips outside the walls of the Seireitei.

When the Black Death began claiming the living in full force though it became harder for him to shirk active duty and having come face to face with the consequences of the rising Hollow pandemic Akito recognized the need for action. He simply sincerely hopes that someone else will be taking it.

With the death of his superior officer and his subsequent promotion Akito has found himself spending the majority of his time in Seireitei again. Though where before he was lazily gazing into the sky, ankle-deep in spring water and with hot tea in his cup, he is now worn out and rundown by the constant shifts, the endless groans of the suffering and dying and the lukewarm tea in his cup.
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