[Application] Kira, Chie

Born in the Rukongai to a struggling family as an only child where she grew up humbly, never asking for more than she needed and tried to help others as much as she can. She was happy and cheerful, never frowning upon what she had, never once a complaint. One day while she and her parents were out they got separated in a large crowd and got pushed and shoved around to the point where they were far apart and haven't seen each other since. She tried desperately to search for her lost parents but to no avail. For once she was scared and did not know what to to, she was a lost child in the Rukongai and had no one to turn to, and fell crying in an alley. After ending up all alone, until she was approached by a boy wearing a silver bracelet named Kai, leader of a group of stray rukongai kids. Kai was walking by when he noticed the little girl was crying, he said the sight of disgusted him, that the world around as chaotic and a young child shouldn't ever be left abandoned alone, and approached the young Chie, crouched down and wiped away her tears with his sleeve and asked for her name, and for the first time since getting lost, Chie felt safe as she answered the boy with her name, Chie and the boy smiled and introduced himself as Kai, and at that moment Chie finally felt as though for once, she wasn't alone. Kai took in Chie, She began to learn the new group that became her family, there were two others, a boy named Takuya, and a girl named Hisana. The four of them barely made by taking low paying jobs, or stealing if they had no other option. When Chie asked Kai why he hated to steal, he told her "Cause it is a thin line, it can be wrong for stealing what was never rightfully yours, but sometimes necessary for survival and helping those who can't help themselves.... I hate that line, that is why I don't want you to believe when we steal, it is always right", that was one of the lessons Kai imparted onto Chie, trying to make sure that she didn't become a lowly thief.

One day when they all became of age, Takuya and Hisana were tired of being weak and poor, and how things were going for them so the two convinced Kai to join the academy. Chie didn't believe she could potentially be a great shinigami but on inspiration of Kai, she took the chance and applied. After being accepted into the academy, she was afraid she made a mistake joining, she tried to run, but ran into Kai at the door, he stopped her from running. She confessed how she felt to Kai, she felt that she could trust him, he was like an older brother to her in many ways, Kai gave her a speech that she was not expecting, one that would imprint on her forever. "Chie, you see, my, Takuya, and Hisana, we are all worthless garbage, we wasted our potential by being thieves, and a bunch of idiotic kids who tried to get by, but you are different, of all the four of us, you are the only one of us that actually belongs here. I've had the wonderful pleasure of finding you, and over the years seeing your curiosity, you're potential as both a shinigami and a person grow, I don't wanna see you waste that, don't worry, I will always be with you, even if I am worlds apart... " and began to take off his silver bracelet and slipped it onto her arm, Chie was shocked, this was the only valuable Kai had, it was precious to him, she gasped at Kai's determination to ensure her future.

After that Chie returned to her studies and training with a new found will to succeed and be the best she could have been. Chie was never a good fighter but her mind was sharp, she payed close attention to all her studies and tried to be as good as she could even though she never stood out from anyone else. She would study and train day and night but constantly comparing herself to other students and believing that she would never be as skilled as them. Mostly keeping her head down she attended the academy not attracting any attention to herself as she saw everyone else demonstrate their skills, she kept herself paced and tried to be supportive if possible but she found herself growing distant from others. Years later she graduated and she found herself into the 12th division but her friends did not.

One day soon after graduation her friends Takuya and Hisana decided to sneak out and hunt for hollows before they joined their respective squads in an a ttempt to prove themselves believing that since the whole group (except for Chie) received high regard from their teachers, they can handle a few hollows much to Chie and Kai's argument against. Chie choose to ignore their stunt as she didn't like the idea of dying so soon and believed her friends would see it her way and prayed that they would not go out and do something so foolish and reckless. But that night they did in fact go out, all three, but Kai went some time after the first two, but not before leaving a letter in Chie's room when she was not around. Kai caught up to Takuya and Hisana taking on Hollows, but very quickly got surrounded, and killed by hollows. When Chie found the letter she realized that was Kai's goodbye letter, telling her that he went after Takuya and Hisana himself so they would not get in trouble for the stunt. She soon realized that all three were dead before the news even reached the Seireitei, which Chie took very personally and believes it was because of her that they died while blaming solely on herself for not doing anything. She began to wither on the inside in despair, believing that she is too weak and the deaths of her friends are her fault, that if she can't stop her friends from dying what chance does she have at protecting those who have no strength to defend themselves. She tried to hold herself together but sheltering in her emotions from the general public, and even denying she even knew her friends.

Slightly revised backstory of the original character I played years back, she is the typical shy, smart, but barely passing by on stats type of scientist that belongs in the 12th division. Chie is the type of character who tries to strive to do the morally right thing but at the same time she has her own insecurities with herself, and has a fear of conflict. She is a very open minded and curious person as she strives to learn new subjects and improve, a curiosity which can drive her forward. As a member of the 12th division she can finally found an environment to hone her intellectual skills, and in the Gotei itself find a place where she is once again starting fresh without any of her safety nets in the deep end, and now has to sink or swim.
Eleventh Division
I can definitely dig the "I let my friends die" sort of backstory and I'm curious to see how this effects Chie in her day to day. For example, with the Black Death putting a lot of stress on the Shinigami and countless new recruits being throw to earth, does Chie feel particularly bad about this? In a lot of ways, these recruits being shunted off to fight hollows why before they're ready is a lot like what happened to her friends.

Similarly, have you thought about just what sort of things she wants to research? Since this story takes place so far in the past, you have a lot of opportunity to take her down the path of someone who invents something really cool -- such as gigai.
Chie is most definitely haunted by the decision, she wanted to obey the rules but didn't want to betray her family so to speak. Chie feels guilty and in her mind it was a no win scenario. If she told an official, all her friends would be in serious trouble and she would be betraying the very people that took her in, and if she went after them she would breaking the rules. She did try to talk Takuya and Hisana out of it, that they shouldn't have gone off on their own without the consent of the Gotei, and the same of Kai when he told her that if they did, he'd stop them. However at the same time she knew if she got herself in trouble that Kai would be sad, but the silence does haunt her in a form of PTSD.

As for her area of focus, in the original run I had her work on Gigais and was quite the expert, but this time I think I am going to have her focus on Gigais, Zanpakuto, and artificial intelligence in an attempt to create something akin to Artificial Shinigami to help augment the dwindling numbers. That way even if Chie isn't directly involved in many plots, she at the very least has some underlying project to toil away on for later.