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The complete rules of Bleach Gotei. Be sure to thoroughly read everything here and if you have any questions either PM a member of staff, or post a thread in the Site Discussion board

Skill Repository
by System
Jan 14, 2018 23:12:24 GMT -5
No New Posts Announcements

This is where all important, site wide announcements are posted. Threads here are important changes to the site and should be read by everyone. Keep in mind that these threads are usually not discussions; those can be found in the Site Discussion board.

Sub-board: In Memory

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Bleach Gotei 3.0: Part One
by Shun Minamoto
Jan 15, 2018 13:35:38 GMT -5


No New Posts Discussion - 1 Viewing

This is where all discussions about In Character relationships go. Want to advertise your character? Want to see if anyone is offering what you want? You're in the right place.

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Die Entfernung: The Distance [Dresden Ravenskraft, Meta]
by Ruby
Jan 23, 2018 22:16:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Request Workshop

A place for all players to get help understanding their milestones, regrades, and other requests and learning how to put them together! Also offers advanced help for older characters.

Sub-board: Storytelling Archive

app rewrite and regrade, wip
by Ruby
Jan 18, 2018 22:57:17 GMT -5


No New Posts Site Discussion

This is where all discussions, questions, or concerns regarding the site as a whole goes. All threads here are top priority of staff and will always be addressed as soon as possible.

Sub-board: Quarantine

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3.0 Part One: Discussion Thread
by Otto Berg
Jan 23, 2018 17:32:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Coming and Going

Introductions, leaves of absence, and triumphant returns: if you're new to the site, coming back, or just dropping a note to say you'll be gone for a while, this is the place for it. If you don't want to be marked Inactive, be sure to post here before you go away!

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Aren't you a sight for sore eyes!
by Otto Berg
Jan 18, 2018 0:21:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Of the Month

Every month, players are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the site. Awards are given for most hardworking Staff member, best player, best character, best topic and most improved player. Come here to nominate what you think deserves a mention and be sure to vote!

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Recognition Thread
by Zettai Tekina
May 19, 2017 17:06:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Affiliates and Advertising

Want to be affiliated with our site? Posting an advertisement in this board is free, but if you want us to put up your affiliation you'll need to ask.

Divine Rebirth - A Non-Canon Bleach RP
by Eiko
Jan 16, 2018 12:51:03 GMT -5

Character Creation and Maintenance

No New Posts Applications

Here you'll be able to find both applications and the means to make them. Be sure to label your applications as finished when you're done working on them, and be patient while you wait for approval.

Sub-board: Inactive

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The Ultimate HERO wip
by Hiro
Jan 21, 2018 18:22:21 GMT -5
No New Posts The Database - 2 Viewing

Once accepted, your application will be moved here. This is where all your record keeping will be, so be sure to have your application link on hand.

Sub-boards: Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Fullbringer, Prestige, Post Prestige, Inactive

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Ravenskraft, Dresden [QUINCY]
by Failure
Jan 23, 2018 16:33:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Requests

Everything from Milestones and Releases to application updates and power changes can be requested here. Consult the information within for race specific guidelines and formatting.

Sub-board: Reviewed Requests

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Reyla Natori [Grade Request, Finished]
by Reyla
Jan 23, 2018 9:05:18 GMT -5

Ethereal Pathways

No New Posts Ethereal Pathways

For stories which take place in worlds or places that are not covered by our general forums.

Aleith'Sor and I [Solo]
by Alain Merrick
Sept 16, 2017 10:51:36 GMT -5


No New Posts Karakura and Tokyo - 1 Viewing

Karakura Town, known as the spiritual epicenter of the world, has become the hub of many world-wide events and spiritual organizations. However, due to the somewhat recent events of the Karakura Invasion, the vast majority of the city is under reconstruction. Additionally, increased Hollow activity still lingers in the lesser visited areas of the city.

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This day, five years ago. [Kazane n Stuff]
by Kazane
Jan 23, 2018 16:32:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Japan - 1 Viewing

The country of Japan, home to the world's current spiritual epicenter: Karakura Town. With a population around 126 million people, you can be sure that you'll be meeting a wide variety of people on these relatively small islands.

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A flutter (Otto/Tokyo/closed)
by Victoria
Jan 22, 2018 21:18:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Earth

The world that humans live on! Any topic that doesn't take place in Japan should go here. As a rule of thumb, you should include the region/country your thread takes place in the title of your thread.

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Mud and Bullets [Dresden, Victoria, Closed]
by Dresden Ravenskraft
Jan 23, 2018 6:14:12 GMT -5

Soul Society

No New Posts Seireitei

Seireitei (court of pure souls) is in the center of Soul Society. A circular shiro with four main entrances, each guarded by a Gate Guardian, surrounds the Seireitei, keeping unwanted visitors out. The walls of Seireitei are made of stone called Sekkiseki (spirit reducing stone), a material known to negate all Reiryoku.The Sekkiseki prevents commonly used abilities, like using Reshi to walk on air and limiting powers. Surrounding the Seireitei is also a spherical barrier that prevents anything spiritual from breaching it.

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And A Little Something After [Closed, Machie]
by Alain Merrick
Jan 23, 2018 13:43:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Rukongai

Rukongai (wandering soul city) is the largest portion of Soul Society and the most populated. It is divided into 320 districts (80 in North Rukongai, 80 in West Rukongai, etc.). Districts close to the Seireitei live in luxury, while far off districts break down into lawless, poor villages.

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Testing... Testing... [Closed/Alain Merrick]
by Alain Merrick
Jan 21, 2018 11:40:10 GMT -5

Hueco Mundo

No New Posts Las Noches

Hollow Nights Palace. A grand construction veiled by a cracked, decrepit dome that stands proudly in the middle of the endlessly night-shrouded desert. Within exists a massive central castle that looks just as worn down as the dome where the King and/or Queen administers the whole of Hueco Mundo. Surrounding the primary castle in the center are five others-- one for each of the Espada, though two of which have been mostly destroyed. The inside of the dome creates a false sky that provides the only sunlight this world sees.

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Hokey Pokey [Closed | Zero]
by Zero Cian
Jan 22, 2018 13:24:57 GMT -5
No New Posts Hueco Mundo - 1 Viewing

Outside of the domed monstrosity that is Las Noches exists a desert of rolling sand that stretches on endlessly. Above this desert perpetually hangs an inverted crescent moon, while deep below the desert is a forest populated only by lifeless trees of quartz whose tops can be seen dotting the desert above.

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The Desert's Recluse (Zero, Closed)
by Zero Cian
Jan 22, 2018 14:22:39 GMT -5

Out of Character

No New Posts Off Topic - 2 Viewing

Any topics not relating to In Character activities or site-wide events go here.

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Gratitude Thread
by Hazuki Tsukimiya
Oct 6, 2017 13:37:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Player Blogs

This is where players may keep a personal thread to share whatever they like with the rest of the community!

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Jian Likes To Post Things [warning. gifs]
by Jian Oreachi
May 31, 2017 19:51:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Serious Discussion

This board is for serious discussions of anything and everything. Players may express any idea here, no matter how inflammatory or "politically-incorrect". The staff team will only interfere with discussions on this board if direct harassment of users is occurring. Pornography and other R18 content still needs to go in the 18+ board, and thread titles will be edited if they contain excessively vulgar content.

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Vent Thread [Warning: Contains Swearing]
by kyojin
Jan 21, 2018 16:07:04 GMT -5
No New Posts User Created Guides - 1 Viewing

Relevant and helpful user-created guides. These are typically nonessential but very useful nonetheless.

Sub-board: Character Mechanics

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Quincy Vault of Knowledge
by Rick
Jan 1, 2018 14:01:02 GMT -5


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