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[ Site] 🐾 [ Guide] 🐾 [ Application] 🐾 [ Linking Back] Welcome to Sparkledog Nation. We're an inclusive multi-species roleplay site dedicated for member of all skill levels. We have different out of character and in character boards to help craft an open and safe environment for all of our members. Check out our Journals board where members are encouraged to write about their days or let us know what fandoms you're apart of. Maybe you want to relax and enjoy some fun forum games...
/ / / B L E A C H S T O R Y We are an AU Bleach RP with an emphasis on OC content and a loose tier system. If you are a fan of stats and big numbers you should probably look away now, but if you are a fan of meaningful collaborative story-telling within the confines of a site designed to support you and your ascent through the ranks, allow me to personally welcome you to Bleach Story. Click Here to see our website! Click Here to join our discord, drop in and say hello!