[NPC] Non-Player Characters

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Third Seat, Tenth Division

Height & Weight: 153cm & 40kg
Sex: Female

Patient and outgoing, the Third Seat of the Tenth Division not only acts as an administrator for the Shin'o Academy, but also teaches some of the most advanced classes on Zanjutsu that the Academy offers. Far more than the oft-absent Lieutenant, Nobuko is known to all but run the day-to-day of the Tenth, and has become well-liked across Divisions for her contributions to the new Shinigami constantly joining the Gotei--though some wonder why she tolerates the apparent neglect of the Lieutenant. Her descent from the lesser Noble Family, the Tachibana Clan, her striking appearance, and her being as-of-yet unwed has made her a point of fascination for both male students and members of the Tenth for years now.


Lieutenant, Tenth Division

Height & Weight: 173cm & 75kg
Sex: Male

Frequently absent from his duties, and found instead with his wide network of friends, out drinking, or simply asleep, Yasuo is seen by some as a failure of a Lieutenant. In many ways, he is the very image of a lazy youth, promoted too quickly to a station far beyond his worth. Those who have met or gotten to know Yasuo quickly learn why the Captain chose him: he is, in the truest sense of the word, a prodigy. Brilliant at anything he attempts, he is soon able to perform as if he had been doing it for years.


Captain, Tenth Division

Height & Weight: 179cm & 82kg
Sex: Male

Hailing from the Fujiwara Clan, one of the greatest families within the Gotei, is the very image of the ideal Captain: tall, strong, stern, serious. He is a man of few words and known to teach the most advanced Kidо̄ classes within Shin'o Academy. Many are intimidated by his presence, half because of his stature, and the other half because of the exacting standards and superior attitudes of his family. He, too, possesses a reputation for being impatient with his students, verbally lashing out at repeated failures. However, if asked, suspiciously few can name such an occurrence.

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