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  1. Phantasm

    Transparency 3

    Fuck him honestly, BG is in a much better place now that he's gone
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    Transparency 3

    Hey fellow members of Bleach Gotei, This post is not an easy one for me to write, but it's time to expose the dark underbelly of our beloved forum. It has come to my attention that some staff members, specifically Tokiyo and Shun, have been actively protecting their friend, Kyou, and using...
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    New Site

    Uhm staff kyou is bullying users, can we like ban him from the cbox for a week If my coalition of non-entities' demands are not met, you will be forcing my hand and I will have to make Transparency 3: Tokyo Drift a reality
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    New Site

    uh yeah theres been activity on the board recently and this greatly disconcerts me
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    Enemy of the State [Open]

    The beads hung heavy on him as though his deceased predecessors' hands were gripping his shoulders in their pallid embrace. It chafed. Ichirō held his head in his hand, blinking away exhaustion. Papers were strewn over his desk, evidence of obstruction, eyewitness testimony of sabotage and...
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    random garbage memes

  7. Phantasm

    Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food

    Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food
  8. Phantasm

    [Application] Hidekawa, Takahiro

    Except the entire political upheaval thing is caused by the Black Death and IS a part of the first arc I doubt we'd timeskip 200+ years into the future and have shinigami going "hey remember that black death thing? NOW is the time to get pissed about it"
  9. Phantasm

    [Application] Yamanoue, Anselm

    someone thrust responsibility into this man's hands and ruin his quiet life My own guy is something of a Kidō specialist, maybe Anselm could use a like-minded Shinigami to bounce ideas off of and debate the finer points of the art? Better yet, losing a routine part of his life like an...
  10. Phantasm

    aggressively retarded: can't even detect a fucking copypasta :sneaky:

    aggressively retarded: can't even detect a fucking copypasta :sneaky:
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    [Application] Au Hano

    Just about any level of nobility is open to anyone, but if you were thinking of creating one of the Great Noble Houses you'd probably want to talk to Justin and the others. Other than that there's really nothing holding you back from making a noble. From your posts I don't see a ton of reasons...
  12. Phantasm

    Divisions and Earth

    I would assume that the 13th, who is generally in charge of Earth operations, would be the one to coordinate multi-Division teams and things of that nature - but I'm sure more mundane occurences and general deployments (who gets sent and when) are handled on a Division by Division basis.
  13. Phantasm

    God I hate Nick Cage so much. This stupid potato lookin beard wearing man child ruins every...

    God I hate Nick Cage so much. This stupid potato lookin beard wearing man child ruins every movie he’s in. So what does he do now he starts “acting” in horror movies. He just waltzes on in and starts ruining the entire genre. And the worst part is he’s always the lead actor so we have to follow...
  14. Phantasm

    [Application] Uí Ímair, Raghnall

    I can understand what you mean by the prevalence of nobility both on Earth and Soul Society, though I do think that's the position I want him to take (or at least something similar to it.) I don't plan to go into his human life very much at all, so I suppose his life in Soul Society would have...
  15. Phantasm

    [Application] Uí Ímair, Raghnall

    Updated to fit the new application process. Rip me a new one <3
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    New Site

    Each post's character limit is 10,000, but since that counts BBcode styling some of the longer posts (character apps) will probably come up either around or above that. The one I've posted for instance, comes up to ~9,700 characters not counting any BBcode and ~11,100 with the BBcode. Perhaps...
  17. Phantasm

    [Application] Uí Ímair, Raghnall

    Here's my concept for a character. Wanted to make a very outwardly populist character, since there seemed to be a fair few old guard types. I made a full-length app earlier, which you can find here on the old site if you'd like a better look. As for his powers, I was thinking one that uses...