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  1. Kane Inuzuri

    [Application] Chiba, Kane

    INUZURI, KANE SHINIGAMI Unseated, Eleventh Division Personnel File Age: 378 Birthday: November 9 Gender: Woman Ethnicity: Ancient Icelandic [Norwegian] Physical Specifications Height & Weight: 186 cm & 65 kg Eyes: Grey Hair: Pale Blonde General Appearance: There's a dullness to Kane; as if...
  2. Kane Inuzuri

    [Application] Kazuki

    I'm no pro writer (a lot of this is just advice I've been given), nor do I make a lot of in-depth comments on pitches but I want to be of some help. I already mentioned this in the discord, but I'd suggest sticking to one tense as it makes things flow better. Beyond that, I have a hard time...
  3. Kane Inuzuri

    [Application] Wang, Jinhai | WIP

    be my teacher
  4. Kane Inuzuri

    Hildr Kawasaki

    we are sisters in this SHIT world
  5. Kane Inuzuri

    [Application] Chiba, Kane

    Oh it absolutely does! She desires a family unit in a setting that can be described as a person meat grinder. She desires normal, deep, reliable connections (like anyone) but is at odds with that anxious, already wounded voice in the back of her head telling her to be careful. Kane is very much...
  6. Kane Inuzuri

    [Application] Chiba, Kane

    some stuff that comes to mind when i think of kane, ALSO open to any suggestions - Kane deeply desires a close knit "family" unit she can trust and protect. - Weakness for parent-like mentors. - Respects hardworking nobles as she sees them as just successful and socially accepted gang leaders...
  7. Kane Inuzuri

    [Application] Chiba, Kane

    If Kane learned anything from her experiences, it's that hiding away was her ultimate downfall. She needed to remain proactive and involved in order to keep her stable life. SO now she wants to start again; gather information, train/learn as much as she can, climb the ranks, and TRY to form more...
  8. Kane Inuzuri

    [Application] Chiba, Kane

    // Let me know if I did this wrong // All Chiba Kane had ever wanted was a stable life, or so she says. Unfortunately for her, she grew up in the 71st district of the northern Rukongai where such a thing was a luxury none could afford. Kane was not unlike her fellows in the 71st for the first...