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    [Application] Kira, Chie

    Bumping this one last time
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    Divisions and Earth

    Well that doesn't really take into account all divisions and their needs. For example the 2nd, 4th, and 12th division might send their least skilled in division related skills or their most unnecessary. Like for example in the 2nd, send the worst assassin, the 4th could send part of their...
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    [Application] Kira, Chie

    Chie is most definitely haunted by the decision, she wanted to obey the rules but didn't want to betray her family so to speak. Chie feels guilty and in her mind it was a no win scenario. If she told an official, all her friends would be in serious trouble and she would be betraying the very...
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    [Application] Kira, Chie

    Born in the Rukongai to a struggling family as an only child where she grew up humbly, never asking for more than she needed and tried to help others as much as she can. She was happy and cheerful, never frowning upon what she had, never once a complaint. One day while she and her parents were...