Sparkledog Nation: A roleplay site for all skill levels


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Welcome to Sparkledog Nation. We're an inclusive multi-species roleplay site dedicated for member of all skill levels. We have different out of character and in character boards to help craft an open and safe environment for all of our members. Check out our Journals board where members are encouraged to write about their days or let us know what fandoms you're apart of. Maybe you want to relax and enjoy some fun forum games or want to show off your artistic works?

Your characters can choose to be rogue nomad in our neutral sections or they may choose to join a pack. Sparkledog Nation is a region shrouded in a strange mystery. Haunting entities, known as "Spooks", may choose to bless or curse the creatures that live in Sparkledog Nation as random. Some are mutated beyond their normal species and become known as an outcast terminology called "Hellbeast". Others may be blessed with strange, mystical powers that allow them to manipulate their surroundings or interpret other's thoughts. The inhabitants of Sparkledog Nation fought a bloody and nasty war to rid their world of these hellbeast and many lives were lost on both sides. Packs and nomads alike are now learning to put their differences aside and come together, though not all inhabitants can agree to move forward and live alongside these strange beasts. Do you learn to trust these strange hellbeasts? Or are these hellbeasts pure abominations that should not exist?