Current Arc Information

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Current Arc Information
Arcs on Bleach Gotei are a way for us to organize the overarching plot into smaller, more manageable segments with clear narrative goals and themes. As a tool, they allow the characters to more plausibly inhabit a world where lifespans are often greatly elongated as well as focus more on interesting events without cheapening the lulls in action between eras. Each Arc will focus on any number of the existing races in any combination, and thusly the playable characters will be restricted to what we feel is most relevant at the time. A record of past Arcs and a short synopsis of the events that took place can be found further down on this page.

Arc Setting

Playable Races
Shinigami. Given the era in which Arc 1 takes place, neither Arrancar nor Quincy really exist in any meaningful way (and as such their existences are unknown to Shinigami on the whole). Both these races and their respective origins will be addressed in future Arcs. Suffice to say, only Shinigami are of any interest to the current stage of the plot.

Typical Powerlevels in this Arc
Captain Commander: ~260
Captain: ~220
Lieutenant: ~180
Third to Fifth Seat: ~140-100
Upper Seats (Sixth to Tenth): ~100-75
Lower Seats (Eleventh to Twentieth): ~75-50
Unseated to Academy Graduates: ~50-25

In Arc 1, we expect player characters to most commonly fall into the range between Third Seat and Fifth Seat, though outliers are possible on a case-by-case basis.

Previous Arcs

Arc #
Have fun with the first Arc!
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