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  1. Phantasm

    Enemy of the State [Open]

    The beads hung heavy on him as though his deceased predecessors' hands were gripping his shoulders in their pallid embrace. It chafed. Ichirō held his head in his hand, blinking away exhaustion. Papers were strewn over his desk, evidence of obstruction, eyewitness testimony of sabotage and...
  2. Phantasm

    random garbage memes

  3. Phantasm

    [Application] Uí Ímair, Raghnall

    Here's my concept for a character. Wanted to make a very outwardly populist character, since there seemed to be a fair few old guard types. I made a full-length app earlier, which you can find here on the old site if you'd like a better look. As for his powers, I was thinking one that uses...