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    you don't have to put [pitch] in your application titles

    If you hadn't gotten rid of it, I would have.
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    Divisions and Earth

    Very good to get out ahead of this. Even as a Fourth Seat, Yuu knows that his next assignment on Earth is always coming along. If I had to put a rank to it, I'd say it's likely only Lieutenants and Captains really get out of it entirely -- and even then, only maybe. Otherwise, you're all...
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    [Application] Kobayashi, Hitobu

    This is legitimately fucking sad. Well done. You have a very solid vision of this character and her personality and behavior. What is she doing right now? What does she want in life? These are things that give us an idea of how your character can hook into other events outside of them -- which...
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    [Application] Ishimoto, Suzume

    Feel free to throw some specifics around, when and if they come to you. Division is a great place to start, because, you know, coworkers. Might not know them long, either. As you've probably read, knowing what can help get your character A. Involved with others B. Involved in events that are...
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    [Application] Ishimoto, Suzume

    Okay, so I have to ask: Do you want her to still be in the Academy, or what's the deal here?
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    [Application] Chiba, Kane

    That's great. See, I can easily play off that now, in more detail. 2. Yuu loves taking Shinigami under his wing. He's outgoing, friendly, and decent at his job. Depending on how far back this was, he was still an upper (10th to 6th) Officer. Good to take advantage of his generosity and...
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    [Application] Chiba, Kane

    I'm not sure we should even try to venture a guess as to what the proper term would be, so I'd just go with gang since it seems the most general. There'll be anachronisms like that all over -- such is fiction. Especially weeby fanfiction. It's definitely clear that she's not just going to...
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    [Application] Chiba, Kane

    Life is shit, go full warlord in Outer Rukongai as many do, be paranoid and hide way which sows mistrust, get betrayed and sold out to the Shinigami. Shit's fucked on Earth, your sentence is to enlist, and she gets herself stuffed away into 8th to forget about it all. Excellent, it follows...
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    [Application] Uí Ímair, Raghnall

    Okay, so, first thing I think here: Being for the abolition of the Nobility and C46 is a dramatic position to take. These are institutions that are older than we have here in the modern day, and the idea of Nobility in particular is well-established even on Earth at this point. Think about...
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    New Site

    I've increased the default character limit, and by a lot. You should be good.