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  1. Hazuki Tsukimiya

    Hazuki Tsukimiya

    less of a pitch and more of a place for discussion regarding the character, if you've got an angle you'd like to bring up or wish to speak about making acquaintances then here's as good a place as any hazuki's got a character sheet up already, the purpose of which was mostly to test the new...
  2. Hazuki Tsukimiya

    Divisions and Earth

    Wanted to clear up potential misconceptions: Divisions other than e.g. the Eleventh and Thirteenth absolutely maintain presences on Earth, just that these two divisions probably have "larger" presences. Just because other divisions have specialities doesn't mean to imply they avoid the duty...
  3. Hazuki Tsukimiya

    you don't have to put [pitch] in your application titles

    that's kind of what the application prefix is there for
  4. Hazuki Tsukimiya

    New Site

    If anyone notices anything funky, please feel free to bring it to our attention. If anyone has any questions, go ahead and ask.
  5. Hazuki Tsukimiya

    [Shinigami] Tsukimiya, Hazuki

    Shinigami Surface Shallows Depths Abyss You never really remember the beginning of a dream, do you? Name: Hazuki Tsukimiya, 月宮 葉月 Age: 20 Gender: Female Titles & Duties First Division, Fifth Seat Surface No man who says ‘I’m as good as you’ believes it. He would not say it if he did. The St...