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    Hazuki Tsukimiya

    anselm also swims, swim thread?
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    [Application] Kazuki

    what i think is important for characters -- especially shinigami, where inner character conflicts are hyper formalized/structured in the form of You vs Inner Spirit -- is having some idea of the central tension or idea that's going to define where you take the character. that tension can and...
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    Divisions and Earth

    i kinda envisioned deployments to Earth kind of being handled by a central authority; for ex. in my app i wrote about members of the Third being deployed with other teams as kind of a specific combat setup. do you guys think that those duties would be handled on a division by division basis...
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    [Application] Yamanoue, Anselm

    yeah dude! you bring up good points, and my answer is that i'm going to play him actively. first, i think his position and skillset give him the opportunity to interact in specific aspects of the plot (i am guessing tony is cooking something up with the twelfth from the storytelling asset he's...
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    [Application] Uí Ímair, Raghnall

    any backstory as to why he feels this way toward the nobility/c46? if your character is mainly driven by a desire for personal power, supporting the abolition of the current government is a very dangerous game to play, especially without friends. why doesn't he want to work within the current...
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    [Application] Hidekawa, Takahiro

    dope connections to specific characters and institutions in the Gotei. why do you think takahiro loves fighting to the death?
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    [Application] Ishimoto, Suzume

    so your character goes through a bunch of traumatic experiences fighting these terrifying hollows on Earth but makes it out alive; or, somehow, the black death just ends and everything goes back to normal. what would your character be doing?
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    [Application] Kobayashi, Hitobu

    how do you see those desires causing tension? being a high seat in the 11th definitely does give you some chances to interact with other people in the division, sure (question: does your character want to get super close to people they're sending into danger constantly? why?). being nosy, also...
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    [Application] Yamanoue, Anselm

    alright dorks looks like in order to conform to the masses i must pitch my character to you. if you would like to read the application, it is here, but i will summarize: anselm is a guy with his head totally in the clouds. he has been incredibly, incredibly lucky to avoid a lot of the terrors...
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    [Application] Yamanoue, Anselm

    ARC 1 coming soon
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    [Application] Yamanoue, Anselm

    STATISTICS REIATSU 100 (or so) Strength: Defense: Speed: Spirit: SKILLS Kido: good Kaido: Reiatsu Perception: Zanpakuto Resonance: Hakuda: Zanjutsu: Hoho:
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    [Application] Yamanoue, Anselm

    YAMANOUE ANSELM SHINIGAMI DIVISION 3 SEAT SIX AGE: 97 // GENDER: MAN // BILLET: RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT LIAISON SURFACE Appearance The line between carefree and unkempt is thin. Anselm straddles it by luck alone. Anselm’s shihakusho has always looked a bit big for him. On him, the slightly...